4 State Geocaching Society

We are a group of geocaching enthusiasts from the Midwest. Our members live in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. We welcome you to join our Facebook group and attend our events.

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This is the mothership. Create an account here to get started.


This is where our group joins together to talk about events, share photographs, and talk about new or interesting geocaches. 


Click on the map to see all the geocaches in the Seattle area. Drag the map aound to see caches abywhere in the world, or login for instant searches.

Need help with puzzles or ciphers? All that and more is available here. 

4 State Geocaching Society
512000  Tree Street
Lightpole USA 12345

Email: info@4stategeocaching.com 
Phone: 867-5309
Fax:  Gone Like 8 Track Tapes